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Party Ice Calculator

Bagged Ice

Whatever your occasion, special event or commercial use, if you need ice, Cuesta Springs Ice Company has it — conveniently packaged in a variety of useful forms and sizes.

From easy-to-carry 7-lb. bags, to our popular 20-lb. bags and bulk size 40-lb. bags, know you are buying the highest quality ice products available.

Use our convenient Party Ice Calculator to figure out how much ice you need.

7# Party Ice

7# of fragmented party ice in a convenient, easy to store bag.

7# Vintage Ice

7# bag of 1” square crystal clear ice cubes. The perfect ice for “Top Shelf” liquors.

9# Sparkletts Ice

9# bag contains 3 individually packaged bags of premium fragmented ice. This ice is Sparkletts bottled water quality.

20# Party Ice

20# bag of fragmented ice. This bag fills your ice chest usually with one bag.

40# Party Ice

40# bag of fragmented party ice. Perfect for bulk ice needs.

40# Pea Ice

40# bag of pea ice. Exactly the size and shape of a pea. Used primarily for deli and fresh fish displays.

40# Snow Ice

40# bag of snow ice. Used to make snow cones, Hawaiian Shave Ice, and for several industrial uses such as packing seafood.